BBPPI 2022 Ratings Cycle Open for Ratings April 1st-May 31st

“Responsible purchasing practices are becoming a top priority for Better Buying’s subscribers, rather than a ‘nice to have’ when times are good.” BBPPI 2021
  • 2022 BBPPI Ratings Cycle Open April 1st-May 31st
  • Brands and Retailers: Invite Suppliers to Rate their Purchasing Practices
  • Suppliers: Register to Rate

We are pleased to announce that April 1st marks the start of this year’s Better Buying Purchasing Practices IndexTM (BBPPI) 2022 annual ratings cycle.

Last year’s BBPPI survey engaged 21 buyer companies, with a total of 1,218 ratings submitted across Softgoods and Hardgoods product categories.

Among last year’s highlights were new questions that enabled us to examine the purchasing practices of buyers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The results showed that even amid this unprecedented challenge, our repeat subscribers were able to continue to make improvements in their purchasing practices, building the resilient supply chains that will help them to bounce back from future disruptions and shocks. We will be asking these questions again this year, and gaining valuable insights on how and where subscribers have continued to improve.

We were also able to offer a Sporting Goods benchmark for the first time, so companies operating in this sector can compare their performance against their closest peers. The rich data and insights provided by suppliers also enabled us to publish our first Spotlight Report on Homegoods, and Deep Dives into Monthly Order Variability and Win-Win Sustainable Partnership.