Better Buying featured in BGMEA magazine

January 20, 2016

Better Buying to Promote Improving Purchasing Practices

Better Buying is a dialogue and highlighting best performers, the forum will spark a “race to the top,” unleashing business innovation for sustainable solutions.

The project is being conducted by Marsha Dickson, Ph.D. and how the work actually played out. The suppliers will be able to rate their buyers purchasing practices in the seven areas appended below:

– Planning and forecasting
– Design and development
– Cost and cost negotiation
– Sourcing and order placement
– Production management
– Payment and terms
– Management of purchasing practices

Additionally, suppliers will rate the quality of the relationship they have with their buyers. Better Buying hopes to create a competition to do better because they intend to highlight the negatives.

The intention here is not focused on shaming but the purpose is to provide a concrete way for buyers to know when they are not comparing well and rating system.

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