Better Buying is Hiring: Local Ambassador

March 17, 2021

Opportunities in: Bangladesh, China (Hong Kong), India, Latin America, Vietnam

Better Buying Institute (BBI) was launched in 2019 to promote the improvement of buyer purchasing practices, supply chain management, worker conditions, and the natural environment.  A young organization working to transform the way global supply chains work, BBI’s primary activities include: (i) independent research, (ii) the operation and management of a ratings and evaluation platform on which suppliers provide information about their buyer customers relating to various aspects of purchasing practices and (iii) projects and training on supply chain industry practices to support innovation and promote change. Our work started with the apparel, footwear, and household textiles industries where we are already beginning to see positive changes. We have been organically expanding into the broader consumer goods sector and plan to make more intentional progress with new industries in that sector soon.

Better Buying Institute reimagines supply chain sustainability, leveraging data to strengthen supplier-buyer relationships and improve purchasing practices that drive profitability while protecting workers and the environment.  We focus on the day-to-day business activities (purchasing practices) used by retailers and brands to bring products to market. While these purchasing practices have been known to put pressure on supply chains, their negative impacts on suppliers, workplace conditions, worker wages, and environmental performance have increased and become highly visible during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis with brand and retailer purchasing practices often determining the viability of supplier businesses and whether or not workers in their factories go hungry. 

Better Buying Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization incorporated in Delaware in the United States and is the outgrowth of a research project started in 2015 and headed by Dr. Marsha Dickson, a distinguished academic scholar.

About the Opportunity

Better Buying Institute is seeking a Local Ambassador to engage suppliers during the 2021 ratings cycle. The Local Ambassador will be responsible for increasing supplier participation and achieving target response rates. The Local Ambassador will use one-to-one communication methods (including direct phone calls and in-person visits where COVID-19 guidelines allow) to let suppliers know about the opportunity to submit ratings, answer any questions related to Better Buying’s work or the questionnaire itself, and provide other support as needed.

Major Roles & Responsibilities

The Local Ambassador is responsible for meeting and exceeding agreed upon performance standards and deadlines. Progress updates will be provided to the Better BuyingTM team on a weekly or as needed basis. The three main objectives are Supplier Participation, Supplier Communication, and Staff Reports. An overview of the responsibilities and expectations of each objective is listed below:

Supplier Participation. Use best practices to communicate directly with individual suppliers and encourage them to submit ratings of their customers. This includes but is not limited to phone calls, social media, and in-person visits when possible. Become familiar with Better Buying’s mission and overarching work, the Better BuyingTM Purchasing Practices Index, and the process for submitting ratings to be able to answer suppliers’ questions. When necessary, seek support from the Regional Ambassador.

Supplier Communication. Brainstorm additional opportunities for supplier-facing communications with the Regional Ambassador, contributing ideas for specific opportunities to promote Better Buying’s work in the local country. Work alongside the Regional Ambassador and Senior Manager of Communications to implement selected strategies.

Staff Reports. Prepare and present a staff report on a weekly basis to share progress updates, wins, and any challenges with the Better BuyingTM team. Regularly check Better BuyingTM email and OneDrive account for updates and instructions from the Research Associate and/or the Regional Ambassador.

Qualifications should include:

The ideal candidate for the Local Ambassador is passionate about Better Buying’s mission. In addition:

  • Undergraduate degree.
  • Reliable and responsive, proactive communicator who contributes new ideas to increase the team’s effectiveness.
  • Self-motivated and goal-driven with ability to work remotely with minimal supervision.
  • High ethical standards and personal integrity.
  • Based in one of the following areas: Bangladesh, China (Hong Kong), India, Latin America, Vietnam.
  • Language requirements: English and one or more other languages used in the relevant country.

In addition, the following skills and experiences are preferred:

  • Direct experience with factories in consumer goods supply chains, including but not limited to apparel, footwear, and household textiles.


This is a contract position for approximately 15 days during the period beginning March 29, 2021 and ending June 11, 2021. This term may be shortened or extended based upon performance and needs of the organization. You will work remotely from your home, provide your own computer, and report to Better Buying’s Regional Ambassador. Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. Expenses for local transportation are your own; however, should regional transportation be necessary and approved in advance, travel expenses will be reimbursed. You will be required to sign and abide by Better Buying Institute’s Staff and Consultant Confidentiality Agreement and Privacy and Data Protection Policies.

To Apply

Applicants should send to

  • A cover letter and CV

You must include “Local Ambassador” as the subject line of the email and specify which country you are applying for. Questions concerning this position should be sent to the email address above. No phone calls or faxes, please.

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