Better Buying is Hiring: Vice President Marketing & Communications

July 9, 2020

Better Buying Institute (BBI) was launched in 2019 to promote the improvement of buyer purchasing practices, supply chain management, worker conditions, and the natural environment.  A young organization working to transform the way global supply chains work, BBI’s primary activities include: (i) independent research, (ii) the operation and management of a ratings and evaluation platform on which suppliers provide information about their buyer customers relating to various aspects of purchasing practices  and (iii) projects and training on supply chain industry practices to support innovation and promote change. Our work started with the apparel, footwear, and household textiles industries where we are already beginning to see positive changes. We have been organically expanding into the broader consumer goods sector and plan to make more intentional progress with new industries in that sector soon.

Better Buying’s research and related programs bring new transparency and data-driven insights to buyer-supplier business relationships, so that they can be made more sustainable and mutually beneficial. We focus on the day-to-day business activities (purchasing practices) used by retailers and brands to bring products to market. While these purchasing practices have been known to put pressure on supply chains, their negative impacts on suppliers, workplace conditions, worker wages, and environmental performance have increased and become highly visible during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis with brand and retailer purchasing practices often determining the viability of supplier businesses and whether or not workers in their factories go hungry. 

Better Buying Institute is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3) pending) incorporated in Delaware in the United States and is the outgrowth of a research project started in 2015 and headed by Dr. Marsha Dickson, a distinguished professor at the University of Delaware.

About The Opportunity

Better Buying Institute is seeking a Vice President of Marketing & Communications to take responsibility for planning, development, and implementation of Better Buying’s marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities. This new role in our young organization leverages the knowledge generated from Better Buying’s core research and innovative projects in support of increasing retailer, brand, and supplier affiliation and expanding use of Better Buying’s tools and expertise with partner organizations in multiple global consumer goods industries, starting first with the apparel industry. By crafting compelling messages and materials, using creative strategies for communications targeted to diverse global audiences, and working effectively with relevant media, you will increase visibility about the accomplishments and impacts of Better Buying’s work and play a pivotal role in helping transform the way global supply chains operate in support of workers and the environment. As part of the senior leadership team, this position will work closely with the President to amplify the organization’s impact and contribute to achieving our financial goals. 

Major Roles & Responsibilities

Marketing & Communications Planning and Implementation: Work closely with the President to set marketing and communications vision, strategy, and goals that will creatively leverage Better Buying core research activities and enhance the organization’s image and position with key target audiences. Take responsibility for achieving those goals by creating and implementing a comprehensive marketing and communications program and measuring its success. Develop procedures and practices necessary for the smooth operation of the marketing and communications function across the various program areas of the organization.

Content Development, Writing & Editing: Develop a content strategy and consistent content calendar. Write and edit a variety of communications materials, including marketing materials, press releases, journalist pitches, blog posts, op-eds, talking points, report launch, media plans, and other communications collateral, adapting tone and style to meet the needs and interests of various target audiences. Provide story and copy-editing support for Better Buying research reports, and work with the Better Buying team to design, produce, and manage collateral materials and multimedia assets, including reports, PowerPoint decks, website materials, videos, infographics, leave-behinds and related materials, coordinating the appearance of all organization print and electronic materials.

Website & Social Media: Develop a strategy and execute Better Buying’s social media presence and digital marketing, including regularly creating new content to refresh the website and other online channels, and, over time, designing and leading a process for more comprehensive website updates. Define and track key metrics for our online channels and use that information to optimize communications performance. As funds allow, work with the Better Buying team to support the development of reporting capabilities within Better Buying’s platform, a secure application that collects purchasing practices data.

Public Relations: Take a key role in identifying and responding to media opportunities and preparing the organization to react quickly to global events. Cultivate and manage relationships and regular contact with targeted domestic and international media, and drive media relations pushes globally. Coordinate with the President on representation to the media. Work closely with the President to coordinate and support Better Buying’s participation in international events, meetings, webinars, and conferences that build and support relationships with key stakeholders, increase knowledge about the organization and its impact, and align with the organization’s strategic objectives. Participate and network at select events and meetings through attendance, speaking, and/or exhibiting.

Who We Are Looking For

The ideal candidate for Vice President of Marketing & Communications is passionate about Better Buying’s mission. In addition:

  • You have had demonstrated and sustained success in marketing, communications, or public relations strategy and implementation, with experience totaling seven or more years.
  • You know the way things are usually done in your field, but want to explore new ways of doing them that help the organization stand out from the crowd.  
  • You understand basic research methods and the value of empirical research. You can synthesize and translate complex findings and technical details into key points, articulating them in compelling ways and an easy to read format. Your writing tells a story in ways that inspire appreciation and action.
  • You are comfortable with a lean start-up environment, that includes working with tight budgets, seizing new opportunities as they emerge, and pivoting strategies as needed with new knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.
  • You work well in a team setting. You have creative ideas, but know those ideas can be enhanced with the insights of collaborators. You freely share your ideas with the team, you seek others’ input, you listen, and share decision-making where required.
  • Strong project management skills allow you to move from ideas to impact. When decisions are finalized, you work confidently and independently by prioritizing, using time effectively, tracking progress, and meeting deadlines across multiple, overlapping projects. You are self-motivating and get a lot done working remotely without daily oversight.
  • You won’t let your senior-level title go to your head or dictate the work you are willing or unwilling to do. You are willing to do hard work to achieve goals, instead of expecting to delegate execution to others.
  • You understand how to use visual presentation for impact and effective communications. You know how to do basic graphic design work on your own, thus saving budget for where more expertise is necessary. In those cases, you can communicate your ideas effectively to graphics designers and others with that needed expertise.
  • You have been involved with public relations; you’ve written press releases, negotiated with media, and are comfortable regularly reaching out to journalists to learn their interests and pitch ideas.
  • Optimism, resilience, honesty, and integrity define how you approach work and life. When you don’t know about a topic of importance, you quickly learn about it rather than fake knowledge.
  • You are comfortable sharing the views of your organization in public settings ranging from small, closed-doors meetings or large forums. You come away from those events with new contacts for the organization and then follow-up with them to strengthen our network and partnerships.

Basic qualifications you will also have include:

  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, journalism, public relations, or a related field.
  • Experience developing brands and creating marketing materials for diverse target audiences.
  • Excellence in editing and proofreading whereby spelling, grammatical, and format errors don’t slip into published works. 
  • Computer literacy in word processing, page layout, and Adobe Creative Suite or similar software.
  • Experience with website administration and managing social media platforms.
  • Some availability outside standard working hours to accommodate time differences between other team members and international stakeholders, as needed for timely and efficient work.

In addition, the following skills and experiences are preferred:

  • You have carried out empirical research, or at least interpreted research results, through a graduate degree in a related field.
  • You have a background of experience and knowledge in global consumer goods supply chains and the pressing issues related to human rights, environmental sustainability, and unfair business practices.
  • You’ve worked in a non-profit setting.
  • You’ve developed an existing network of media contacts in the U.S., Europe, or globally.
  • You live in Europe or the U.K., though U.S. is also a possibility.
  • You are able to travel regionally and internationally to attend events and meetings, from a few days to more than a week at a time, totaling up to 20% of your time during the year.


This is a full-time position. You will work remotely from your home and report to Better Buying’s President. Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience.

Better Buying Institute  is an equal employment opportunity employer and considers all applicants for employment regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.

To Apply

Applicants should send to

  • A cover letter and CV
  • A summary of successful efforts you have led in marketing, communications, and/or public relations, with key performance indicators and supporting data that demonstrate success
  • Examples of content you have written and visuals you have been responsible for creating

You must include “VP Marketing & Communications” as the subject line of the email. Questions concerning this position should be sent to the email address above. No phone calls or faxes, please.

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