Better Buying Rating Questions: Q4 2017

September 2, 2017

Planning and Forecasting

1. Did you receive a forecast or through other means gain insight into plans for the season?

2. How many days in advance of order placement was the forecast provided?

3. Was the forecast updated regularly (for example monthly)?

4. Did the buyer book capacity in advance of production?

5. How much did the actual orders vary compared with the capacity reserved by the buyer?

Design and Development

6. Did you develop products at the request of the buyer?

7. Of the number of products your company developed, what percentage did you receive orders for?

8. What percent of the buyer’s tech packs were delivered accurately and on time?

Cost and Cost Negotiations

9. For what percent of the orders, did the price paid by the buyer cover the costs of compliant production?

Sourcing and Order Placement
10. What incentives did the buyer provide for compliance/CSR?

11. Provide the total unit volume of all of the buyer orders for each of the last 12 months.

12. Approximately what proportion of the total volume during the 12 months was basic versus fashion products?

Payment and Terms
13. Were you paid on time as specified in the contract/agreement?
If No,
 how many days was payment delayed beyond the contracted date?  
# of days________

14. Did the buyer use any practices to avoid full payment for orders over the last season?

Management of the Purchasing Process
15. Was there an agreed time and production deadlines?
If no, did the terms of the order provide enough time for production?

a. Yes 
b. No

16. Did the agreed time and action calendar provide enough production lead time?

17. What percent of deadlines in the time and action calendar were met by the buyer?

18. Was the buyer flexible and accountable in ensuring adequate production time?

19. Did the buyer’s sourcing ands that conflicted with CSR/ compliance requirements?

20. What impact did the conflicts have on working conditions?

21. Did the buyer accept results from recently completed audits/assessments of workplace conditions at your factories in lieu of requiring new audits specifically for the buyer?

Link to PDF Better Buying Required Questions Sept 2017

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