Beyond Tier-1 – New Opportunities for Better BuyingTM Surveys

  • Gain a high-level view into tier-1 and beyond – including raw materials
  • Cascade work on purchasing practices throughout your supply chain

Global supply chains are coming under more scrutiny than ever before, but did you know that Better BuyingTM has a range of options to help you get a deeper understanding of supplier relationships at multiple tiers of your business?

Evaluating supplier relationships at all levels of the supply chain enables you to:

* Identify opportunities to create stronger supplier partnerships;
* Future proof your business via improved risk visibility;
* Enhance your due diligence practice;
* Understand the drivers of non-compliance;
* Demonstrate accountability to your investors and stakeholders;
* Minimize the risk of reputational damage;
* Address regulator, consumer, and media expectations.

Here’s how the Better BuyingTM surveys can help:

1: Get a high level view into your supply chain view: Join other subscribers who are using the Better Buying Partnership IndexTM (BBPI) to capture a high level view of the quality of their business relationships with direct suppliers – including tier-1 and raw materials. This survey focuses on just 12 subjective measures, and takes place in October;

2: Explore your suppliers’ purchasing practices: Our surveys can also be cascaded across your supply chain to show how your suppliers or business partners conduct their own purchasing practices. Why not ask your wider value chain – tier-1s; labels, tags, trims and packaging suppliers; as well as wholesalers and licensees – to subscribe to the BBPI survey and be rated by their suppliers. If they share the resulting report with you, you’ll have more visibility into potential problems in these relationships.

Next steps

* Subscribe to the BBPI in October to see at a high level how your purchasing practices are impacting the raw materials suppliers you have direct relationships with;
* Cascade our BBPI survey to your direct suppliers or business partners, and see how your suppliers’ suppliers evaluate their partnership.

We are currently onboarding subscribers for our October ratings cycle. For further information on how to get involved, and the benefits of working with Better BuyingTM, contact Leonie Abraham, Vice President of Business Development.