Case Studies: Brands and retailers on the benefits of subscribing to Better BuyingTM

Global Consumer Goods Company

“It will become increasingly important for businesses to have a more collaborative, partnership-orientated relationship with suppliers. it is crucial that procurement practices enable this and Better BuyingTM provides a simple solution to identify and monitor areas of improvement.”


Large Retailer

“Brands and retailers who source goods need to better understand the  impact their practices have on their suppliers and supply chains, both social and environmental. The spotlight on purchasing practices is only getting brighter with increased attention and awareness from consumers, investors, NGOs, and the media. The Better BuyingTM survey is a great tool for brands to understand their purchasing practices, both where they are doing well and where they need to improve. I’d recommend it to any organization so they can start this important work.”


Global Retailer

We partnered with the Better Buying Institute and used their survey to invite all of our suppliers to provide feedback on our purchasing practices, and raise any potential issues that may arise in the course of our business. We want our suppliers to know that we understand our responsibility to drive continuous improvements, and the Better Buying Initiative collaborative approach was extremely useful to strengthen our supplier relationships.