Dr Marsha Dickson guests on Manufactured Podcast series

Listen to Dr Marsha Dickson’s guest appearance in a series of episodes of the Manufactured Podcast.

Episode 1

One “silver lining” to emerge from the Covid-19 Pandemic is that purchasing practices are “rightfully emerging as the protagonist of the sustainability fashion story.” How is Better Buying’s supplier data shifting the narratives around business and sustainability? What are the benefits to suppliers of registering to rate their customers on the Better Buying platform as the global economy emerges from Covid? And how can we make best use of the data to build the collaborative partnerships between buyers and suppliers that embed resilience, and achieve shared business goals?

Episode 2

Better Buying’s supplier data enables conversations to happen in companies that haven’t happened before, and breaks down silos. But the right management systems need to be in place to nurture those conversations, led from the top, the C-suite and Board, and filtering down to the whole business through systems and processes. How can companies make that happen, and compel the “race to the top” on purchasing practices? And what are the benefits to companies in terms of attractiveness to shareholders, and investors, of committing to better purchasing practices?