Funding Secured for Startup of Better Buying Rating System

May 17, 2017

Funding Secured for Startup of Better Buying Rating System

We are delighted to share that continued funding has been received to support Better Buying. Better Buying is an online rating system created to highlight areas for improved purchasing practices. The overarching goal of Better Buying is to transform buyer purchasing practices so that buyer – supplier relationships support suppliers in providing decent workplace conditions. The successful pilot period has now ended and the startup phase will begin shortly.

Over the coming weeks and begin to rate.

We’ll also be engaging with a few brand retailers (termed “buyers” by Better Buying) who aspire to reduce the negative impacts of their purchasing practices. We will work with them so that their suppliers are encouraged to rate.

Our primary goal over the next year is to obtain large numbers of supplier ratings during each six-month rating cycle, so that we can provide the most valuable and then track progress over time.

In the near future, watch for an overview of what we learned during the feasibility study and how we have enhanced the Better Buying system based on your input.

Kind regards,

Marsha Dickson and Doug Cahn

Co-founders of Better Buying

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