NEWS RELEASE: Better Buying Institute Publishes 2024 BBPPI Garment Scorecard


  • Twenty seven buyer companies engaged in the eighth annual Better Buying Purchasing Practices Index TM (BBPP) ratings cycle during Q2 2024, 22 of which were repeat subscribers, able to track their progress over time. 
  • 1,300 supplier ratings were received. 

There has been a small increase on last year in the overall Garment Score, which is up by 1 point on previous ratings cycle (from 66 to 67 points). Scores have remained steady in six out of seven categories of purchasing, with one category, Win-Win Sustainable Partnership seeing an increase of six points. 

Nearly 4 in 10 (38.7%) suppliers cited Planning and Forecasting as the purchasing practices category buyers need to focus on improving, far ahead of the next category, Cost and Cost Negotiation (16.7%), a priority that  has been stressed in previous ratings cycles. 

Watch for the Better Buying Purchasing Practices TM Report, later in 2024, with full analysis.


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