Our Vision, Mission and Goals

Better Buying’s Vision

Buyers and suppliers work together with responsible purchasing practices to achieve shared goals of profitability and social and environmental sustainability.

Better Buying’s Mission is to Support:

  • Buyers in treating their suppliers as trusted and respected partners whose insights are critical to building resilient supply chains, using feedback data to fully understand the impact of their actions, and making continuous improvements to their purchasing practices
  • Suppliers in feeling safe and confident engaging with buyers, providing feedback, and co-creating solutions to shared business challenges.

Our Goals

Our overarching goal is to support the industry-wide transformation of buyer purchasing practices so that business relationships support buyers and suppliers in achieving their financial, environmental, and social sustainability goals.


The Better BuyingTM Rating and Evaluation System Supports:

  • Improving working conditions

Research has shown that poor buyer purchasing practices can prevent supplier compliance with company codes of conduct and put at risk the lives and dignity of workers making apparel products.

  • Improving how buying companies negotiate and honor contracts

The Better BuyingTM ratings platform encourages buyers to adhere to their contractual agreements and prevent risks suppliers face, thus increasing the likelihood products will be produced in factories that face safe working conditions.

  • Maximizing profitability for suppliers and buyers

The Better BuyingTM ratings platform is a unique system for buyers and suppliers who are eager to increase operational efficiency, protect their profits, avoid lost sales, and maintain stable supply chains with the capacity to meet all agreed requirements.