Suppliers! Not sure how best to engage with Better Buying?

April 29, 2021

Here are 10 simple things you can do now to make a start:

  1. Register your company today! If you’ve not already done so, start by registering your company on the Better Buying rating site.
  2. Not quite sure how it works, or how we guarantee supplier anonymity? Check out our FAQs and watch our video on how to submit a rating.
  3. Make good use of Better Buying as a key resource. Better Buying is here all year round, so please email us with questions, or issues you’re experiencing with your customers.
  4. Got an idea for a mini-survey? Tell us. We need you, the suppliers, to keep us up to speed with new trends so we can determine priority areas for new sustainability research.
  5. Make contact with your Better Buying Regional Ambassador. We’ve recruited a number of Better Buying Ambassadors in key sourcing regions: South Asia; Eastern Europe; Asia Pacific; Latin America; North America; and Western Europe and the UK.
  6. Take part in one of our Roundtable Discussions – a new forum where you can come together in a safe space with other suppliers to share experiences and co-create solutions to the challenges caused by poor purchasing practices. Your chance to contribute to industry change by voicing your ideas, and defining how success should be measured. Subscribe to our mailing list (there’s a link at the bottom of our homepage) and we’ll keep you updated on when they’re happening.
  7. Follow us on Twitter and on Linkedin for all the latest updates and news.
  8. Involve your colleagues from across the business – up to 4 different people from the same supplier can submit to the ratings cycle.
  9. Download the Better Buying Purchasing Practices Index and complete it at a time that suits you. The Macro-Enabled Excel form is now fully downloadable, meaning you can download it, and complete it offline, and share it internally with colleagues.
  10. Feed back to us. Email us and let us know how engaging with Better Buying is supporting your business, and improving your relationships with your customers, and tell us your suggestions as to how we can best support you.
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