SUPPLIERS: three reasons to complete the Better Buying Partnership IndexTM



Last week I was at the Istanbul Apparel Conference hosted by the Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association. There I had a chance to talk to a large group of Turkish suppliers about the value of suppliers submitting data to Better BuyingTM about their customers’ purchasing practices.

I think this will interest you too, so here’s what I shared that day.

Brands and retailers that are subscribing to Better BuyingTM, and collecting supplier data year over year, are improving their purchasing practices. Our repeat subscriber brands and retailers even improved during Covid, in key areas such as providing more accurate forecasts and tech packs, paying for more orders in full, and pricing more orders to cover all the costs of compliant production.

And all of them made progress on reducing duplicative audits.

Those buyers would not be able to make these improvements without the valuable data and insights of the suppliers they do business with, collected via Better Buying’s surveys.

If you are yet to rate your customers’ purchasing practices, or participate in Better Buying’s surveys, there is an opportunity to do so right now. The Better Buying Partnership IndexTM is open for supplier ratings until November 4th. It’s quick – it takes just 5 minutes for you to rate each of your customers – short, is completely anonymous, and is available in multiple languages.

Here are just 3 ways our subscribers are using the data you provide through Better BuyingTM surveys:

1. Your data helps them recognize that the concerns being expressed by suppliers aren’t just the isolated complaints of a few, but are systemic problems that must be addressed.
2. Your data supports supplier advocates within buyer companies in making the case for widespread changes in company practices.
3. Your data enables buyers to track their progress year over year, and see if the changes they are making are having an impact and driving improvements in their business relationships with you.

So why delay? Submit your ratings today and make sure your voice is heard.