The Better Buying Partnership IndexTM launches today. Please invite your suppliers to rate your purchasing practices

The Partnership IndexTM is a versatile new tool designed to bridge the gap between Better Buying’s annual surveys in April, and to act as a quick status update, enabling year-round monitoring and analysis of emerging issues and trends, and potential problem areas.

The Index will be open and collecting ratings throughout October. It is completely anonymous, and it only takes 5 minutes for your suppliers to rate your purchasing practices. Please reach out to them and ask them to spare a few minutes to fill in the survey.

The answers your suppliers provide will feed into a summary report looking at how the brands and retailers are performing in relation to partnering with suppliers, while brands and retailers who are Better BuyingTM subscribers and who are also participating in the Partnership IndexTM will receive a confidential report, providing their overall partnership score, peer benchmarking, and recommendations on how to improve.


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Hello! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a
group of volunteers and starting a new project
in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us valuable information to
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It doesn’t lack any features and it’s made to be a reliable aid for both beginners and more experienced users.
Available as a single edition and a multi edition.
Great looking interface and layout.
High range of settings that are easy to work with, including file and registry rules.
Good selection of basic features such as a useful virus scanner.
Wireless network support and real time updating.
A little slow and prone

6add127376 florlion

An easy way to add users and passwords to a database. Also supports Interbase and Firebird.

The free version has limitations. For a full version you need to pay, which is very cheap.

I have now developed a rewrite to the FBUsers project. It is called SQLFBUsers and it can be downloaded from github or the project’s page.


GDB’s repository features a Firebird version of FBUsers
See here for details


how to display the number which is hold by an array to the textview

I have

6add127376 jaqgilb


The Windows Repair Utility is a powerful and easy-to-use recovery tool for system repair. It will run in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows Vista/7/8/10 64bit. This tool can repair the problems like username and/or password not working, Registry problems, invalid shortcuts and invalid file associations. You can repair your file system, boot

6add127376 darkaro

The wallpaper can be saved to your favorite desktop icons location.

JYJ Trivia Memory Game

Hi Everyone,

In this new version of the JYJ Trivia Memory Game, I have added some new cards and pushed the old cards to the bottom of the list.

For those of you who are not yet aware of this new version, here it is.

– New cards added

– New ChessMove button added to easily play chess

6add127376 fayaelm


The Windows Shell Extensions package provides.inf files that will create shell extensions in your Windows Explorer that help you to manage MFX and DX plugins, as well as providing easy directory access for command-line utilities like bmp2cam. Shell extensions are distributed through the SerialPort Package. They are normally installed during SerialPortSetup. INF files enable the packages to create the registry and file entries necessary to add the shell extension to Windows Explorer.

Using the Windows shell extensions

6add127376 gratday

It is important to remember that you can’t easily uninstall the application, as it is built into the firmware of your network.Q:

I have built bluetooth module in arduino, but simulator can’t work, how to emulate it

I have built a new board based on Arduino UNO and ATmega32U4/M4S2, and now I upload the program to it, but Emulator support only ILLEGAL(only run first half

6add127376 betnan

The Notebook is a type of MS Office document that combines word processing and spreadsheet functionality. Some of its main features are as follows:
• A basic text editor
• It can combine text and tables
• Check out the latest version from the link below the text.

We hope that by our analysis, you have realized that we are deeply concerned with your personal information. When you use our services you declare full and informed consent to our Privacy Policy and Terms of use.

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Product Releases

Skype for Business Outlook 2019

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and Skype have announced the availability of Skype for Business 2019, the unified communication platform for business and organizations that includes local and personal messaging, video and voice calling, and conferencing. As part of this effort, Microsoft and Skype have updated their interoperability agreement to bring the Skype and Teams messaging, audio and file transfer services to the local messaging and conferen

6add127376 gayldes

The ability to convert various formats makes this app more versatile and useful than many others of its kind.

Updated Daily List For Full Free Software Get Free Software – Free Download under GNU/GNU/GPL/LGPL/GPLv3/GPL 2.0 Terms. This list is to display all Free Software – Free Download under GNU/GNU/GPL/LGPL/GPLv3/GPL 2.0 Terms. The list is newly posted

6add127376 brankaiy

Note that its virus definitions are updated manually, and it cannot protect you from new malware. It also cannot protect you from malware that is in the process of infecting your files or your machine.

T3 Commandline Scanner Free Download

T3 Commandline Scanner Free Download

T3 Commandline Scanner Free Download- T3 Commandline Scanner is a straightforward piece of software that can be used to check the computer for malware using the IKARUS antiv

6add127376 vlasell

Cronon Notepad 1.0.4 Key Features.

Cronon Notepad is a user-friendly text editor for Windows that enables users to create, read, or edit and save text files. Notepad can save text files in Unicode 8.0, UTF-8 or UTF-16 formats with optional comment and line markers.

Alternative To Notepad

CAPTCHA To notepad main pages.
Notepad is a nice text editor, In

6add127376 benmand

We have tested the application in Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and 8 (32 and 64 Bit).

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/8.1/10
CPU: Any
RAM (RAM): 1 GB or more
IDE: Any
Video: Any
Other: Any

Similar programs:
Joker Codec for Windows
NNStreamer 1.0
HandBrake is a free video converter that

6add127376 khrman

Personalize Files and Folders with the Windows 7 New FileExplorer. the FileExplorer enables you to view the information of your files, folders and drives with Windows 7. You can view the information and contents of any file or folder, and customize your own view of the details. for more inform

Windows XP Media Center Edition is the ultimate in home entertainment. It lets you experience movies, TV, music, pictures, and games through your TV or Audio Receiver, plus view

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How does the hat association bonus work?

The description of the XXVII event, Affectionate Hat Day, says:

You will get the Hat Association bonus if you are in the top 500 players on your realm.

Does this mean that once you hit the cap, the association bonus changes to 50% (or is it from 250 to 100?) and continues to work until you reach the cap (500 on my realm)?
Note that you can

6add127376 bireffo

The Pascal Analyzer can also be used as a very versatile code analyzer and optimizer, as it can also generate detailed reports for any sort of constraint that you specify, such as cyclomatic complexity, test code and duplicate code. Hence, you can make use of the application to ensure that all identifiers comply with a specific naming convention.
The Pascal Analyzer can be run on Windows and Linux, as well as macOS. This means that you can run the utility on

6add127376 leanbran

Moreover, as it can do the reverse operation as well, the tool serves the purpose of being a cross-platform and versatile tool for all sorts of projects, ranging from educational to work-related.

Adidas 3D5 Game by TotalGame
Adidas 3D5 Game, a racer game for new action 3D games.
In this game, you play the role of a magician, then your opponents are all demons. The main objectives of this game are to defeat the

6add127376 zoltdore

ReShade is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Maybe the next model will have an option for Switch.

There are many reasons why you would like to take the PlayStation mobile. One of the most common reasons being that the PlayStation may not be supported in your country. Even if the PS mobile is not supported in your country, there are a number of reasons why you may like to play. One of the most common reasons people use a PS mobile is because they 05e1106874 dejamore

I’m using it to make clips for my wiki and it’s doing the job.

It does say: “WARNING: This DVD editing software is not a file converter.”. But I’m sure it is equivalent to a Blu-ray/DVD / HD dvd disc creator., Folly Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Sullivan’s Island, Kiawah Island, and Seabrook Island. There are three historical markers commemorating the wreck of the Tom 05e1106874 chrcia

Full Copying and Replication allows a Network admin to copy the configuration details of one or more virtual machines from a single source VM to one or more destination VMs.
You can leverage this feature as part of your change control procedures, without worrying that you need to go through the steps of creating a configuration snapshot, and then making the change to the destination VM’s.

Network Health Monitoring has been a popular option for IT admins for many years. The tool gives users 05e1106874 vanisaid

Simply drag and drop your music into the grid and you’ll be presented with a smart project management UI.

Two new modifications.

Crab now has builtin support for MP3 ID tags found in downloaded / ripped music files.

To set the values, simply drag & drop your tags into the window under Data Sources.

Crab now also supports multiple album art image sources. You can search for album art online, specify your own artwork or use one of the 8cee70152a lavaange

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