WEBINAR CATCH UP: The impact of buyers’ Covid-19 purchasing practices on suppliers and workers

May 24, 2021

Did you miss our joint webinar with Ulula, which looked at the impact of buyer’s Covid-19 practices in one supply chain in Vietnam? You can now register to watch the recording online.

Our joint survey methodology combined supplier and worker surveys to assess the evolution of both purchasing practices, and working conditions. We found a positive cascading effect between responsible Covid-19 purchasing practices and improved working conditions. Best practice by buyers enabled suppliers to follow social distancing guidelines, retain workers, pay workers wages in full and on time, pay for workers’ social benefits, and provide adequate PPE.

Key findings

64.7% of suppliers reported pressure on business profits and economic sustainability

52.9% reported increased difficulty in providing good working conditions and wages

The top 3 impacts of buyer purchasing practices during Covid-19 were increased management stress, increased worker overtimes, and worker layoffs.

Register to watch the full recording, and read the full report.

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