We’re Hiring! We’re Looking for Local Ambassadors, and a Research Intern, to Support with the 2022 Ratings Cycle.

Better Buying Institute is seeking a number of Local Ambassadors to engage suppliers during the 2022 ratings cycle. The Local Ambassadors will be responsible for increasing supplier participation and achieving target response rates. The Local Ambassador will use one-to-one communication methods (including direct phone calls and in-person visits where COVID-19 guidelines allow) to let suppliers know about the opportunity to submit ratings, answer any questions related to Better Buying’s work or the questionnaire itself, and provide other support as needed.

We are also seeing a Research Intern to provide support during the 2022 ratings cycle, both related to the ratings cycle itself and to Better Buying’s other research and reporting activities. The Research Intern will assist the Research Team with supplier engagement, response rate tracking, and other activities as needed. These additional activities may include analyzing and interpreting data, assisting with the generation of company and industry reports, and otherwise supporting the Better Buying TM team in achieving its mission.

Click on the links below for a job description and details of how to apply:

Local Ambassador: Americas

Local Ambassador: China

Local Ambassador: Europe

Local Ambassador: South Asia

Local Ambassador: South East Asia

Research Intern