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About Better Buying

The project is led by a dedicated and seasoned team with technical support from the Fair Factories Clearinghouse.

Marsha Dickson, President and Co-Founder, is Irma Ayers Professor of Human Services in the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware. She is widely recognized as a global academic leader for her research, teaching, and practical engagement in social responsibility and global supply chains in the apparel industry. For more information about Marsha’s background, click here.

Dipti Bhatt, Research Associate, supports data collection, monitoring, verification, analysis, and supplier engagement through the rating system database. She has worked as a senior merchandiser at a textile buying house in India where she was responsible for monitoring the entire supply chain including business development, sourcing, and logistics.

Tony Lowe, Better Buying Ambassador for East Asia, and S.M. Hasan Iqbal and Kamrul Ahsan Dewanjee, Better Buying Ambassadors for Bangladesh, work with suppliers, industry associations, and other stakeholders to facilitate the completion of supplier ratings and serve as an integral part of the Better Buying team. Each brings decades of experience in corporate offices and on factory floors working to improve social, environmental and financial performance.

Doug Cahn, Senior Advisor and Co-Founder, is a seasoned professional in the field of labor and compliance in global supply chains. He is a pioneer in implementing codes of conduct in supply chains for global companies, beginning with his 15-year tenure at Reebok International. For more information about Doug’s background, click here.

The Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate informed ethical business decisions for a better and more livable world. FFC is a compliance industry software innovator, developing and operating compliance tools for many leaders in the footwear, apparel and outdoor industries. For more information about the FFC, click here.

Better Buying is currently funded by the C & A Foundation and Humanity United. For more information about Better Buying’s funders, click here to visit the C & A Foundation website, and click here to visit Humanity United. The opinions expressed are those of Better Buying and do not necessarily reflect the views of funders.