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The Better Buying Institute provides clear, relevant, transparent, and timely information and analysis about good purchasing practices that will change relationships between multinational brands and retailers (buyers), the suppliers responsible for manufacturing their products, and other intermediaries up and down supply chains.

Better BuyingTM is a unique system for suppliers to communicate with their buyers about purchasing practices that are working well and those that need improvement, without risking their business relationship. Created in collaboration with suppliers, our buyer rating system examines seven key categories of purchasing practices that affect a supplier’s ability to adhere to the terms of any contract and operate efficiently while providing a safe work environment and maximizing profitability.

We Invite Suppliers to Rate their Customers on Seven Key Categories of Purchasing Practices

Supplier Testimonials

Latest Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Target Corporation
“Through our partnership with Better Buying™, a nonprofit organization focused on improving purchasing...
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CASE STUDY: BBI Subscriber Company
“The risk is that information will be shared with other parties, and not with you. Wouldn’t...
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CASE STUDY: BBI Subscriber Company
“A lot of areas in sustainability can feel overwhelming, but a tool like this that’s data...
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CASE STUDY: BBI Subscriber Company
Better BuyingTM is one of the best tools we use for our RPP program. Our leaders also take a keen interest...
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