Improving purchasing practices in global supply chains

Better Buying works with suppliers in global supply chains to rate the purchasing practices of brands and retailers.

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2020 Better Buying Index Report Released

For the first-time ever, year-over-year improvements of purchasing practices for 10 of the participating companies have been reported. Data is drawn from over 800 ratings submitted between October and December 2019.

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About Our Ratings

The Better Buying initiative provides clear, relevant, transparent, and timely information and analysis about good purchasing practices that will change relationships between multinational brands and retailers (buyers), the suppliers responsible for manufacturing their products, and other intermediaries up and down supply chains.

Better Buying is a unique system for suppliers to communicate with their buyers about purchasing practices that are working well and those that need improvement, without risking their business relationship. Created in collaboration with suppliers, our buyer rating system examines seven key buyer purchasing practices that affect a supplier’s ability to adhere to the terms of any contract and operate efficiently while providing a safe work environment and maximizing profitability.

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Purchasing Practice #1

Planning & Forecasting

Planning and forecasting measure the visibility buyers provide suppliers into ordering plans. It also measures…


Purchasing Practice #2

Design & Development

Design and development capture the extent buyers are late or inaccurate in providing necessary technical…


Purchasing Practice #3

Cost and Cost Negotiation

Cost and cost negotiation captures whether suppliers receive sufficient funds to meet all the buyer’s…


Purchasing Practice #4

Sourcing & Order Placement

Sourcing and order placement considers two topics–whether supplier compliance to codes of conducts is incentivized…


Purchasing Practice #5

Payment and Terms

Payment and terms measures whether suppliers are paid on time and at the price agreed…


Purchasing Practice #6

Managing the Purchasing Process

Managing the purchasing process looks at whether the time suppliers need for production is offered…


Purchasing Practice #7

Win-Win Sustainable Partnership (formerly CSR Harmonization)

Win-Win Sustainable Partnership includes both the internal alignment of buyer staff on corporate social compliance…


What we do

Better Buying allows suppliers to anonymously rate the purchasing practices of the companies that buy their products and tells brands and retailers which practices can be improved.

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