Case studies

CASE STUDY: Win-Win Partnership – Michael Cai, Decor Apparel

Michael Cai, Director of Operations and Supply Chain, at Décor Apparel, a global full-service apparel design and manufacturing company which has been engaged with SLCP since 2018, and has now adopted its use facilities in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Mexico, India and Kenya:

“SLCP enables widespread sharing of one single verified assessment, eliminating the need for each buyer to conduct their own audit. This frees us up from handling multiple audits, uplifts our efficiency and enables us to work more productively together with our facilities to drive positive impacts and improve workers’ conditions. “

“By leveraging the SLCP CAF, we have elevated the capability of our Responsible Sourcing Team. The improved efficiency has enabled us to manage an ever-growing supply chain network without adding more head counts.”

And thanks to the savings we’ve made from reduced audits, our factory partners have been able to invest in improving working conditions and providing more welfare benefits to their workers

In 2022, we were able to share the SLCP verified data with 4 brands, covering 80% of our production volume. ”