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CASE STUDY: How is Birger Christensen Collective using BBI data to improve its development processes and stabilize workflows?

Birger Christensen collective is committed to empowering women to change fashion for good.
Understanding our suppliers’ needs and how to be better partner to them is essential to make sure we offer better work and living conditions to the many women in our supply chain.
Our Sourcing & Production Team has been central to working with Better Buying’s 5 Principles of Responsible PurchasingTM. Together, we worked on updating our contracts and supplier manual, but also on reshaping fully our development process.
We addressed each piece of feedback from the first survey and focused on improving our development time, engaging more directly to identify solutions early in the process and developing more stable workflow.
In just one year, we saw a jump in the survey results and clear positive feedback on how our changes in process have improved the partnership and capacity of our suppliers to commit with us to deliver quality products throughout the year.
We will keep on working on the survey’s results, by extending the internal awareness to all teams working with our suppliers, to identify improvement ideas together.
Alexandra Morge Rochette, Chief Sustainability Officer, People and Operations