What We Do

We collect data directly from suppliers and provide actionable insights to improve purchasing practices and supplier relationships.

Better Buying Institute reimagines supply chain sustainability, leveraging data to strengthen supplier-buyer relationships and improve purchasing practices that drive profitability while protecting workers and the environment.

Better Buying’s programs provide retailers, brands, suppliers, and industry with data-driven insights to help drive lasting improvements in global supply chains.

Our activities fall into three main areas: conducting independent research; operating a ratings and evaluation platform that provides buyers and the public with information about buyer purchasing practices; and conducting projects and training on supply chain industry practices to support innovation and promote change.

Why is Better BuyingTM Needed?

Buyers and their suppliers are increasingly concerned about the impact buyer purchasing practices have on suppliers’ abilities to provide decent working conditions. Requiring large and unpredictable orders with tight timelines at the lowest possible cost are known to place significant hardships on suppliers, often resulting in substandard factory environmental and workplace performance. But beyond the important workplace impacts, improved purchasing practices support buyers’ and suppliers’ financial performance, as well as help maintain stable and responsive supply chains.

Intent on sparking a ‘race to the top’ among buyers to improve the way they negotiate and honor contacts with suppliers, the Better BuyingTM data platorm enables suppliers to anonymously rate the purchasing practices of the companies that buy their products and tells brands and retailers which practices can be improved.

Consumers, investors, civil society organizations and others can use Better BuyingTM ratings to research brands and retailers to ensure they are supporting companies who support fair working conditions and fair business relationships.

Better BuyingTM Benefits Suppliers

Find out how suppliers benefit from participating in the Better BuyingTM ratings cycle: