Case Study: Win-Win Sustainable Partnerships – Windsgroup and SanMar Corporation

Windsgroup began manufacturing for SanMar Corporation in 2009, initially from our Tanzania facilities but later from our Madagascar and Haiti operations too. Our forecasting and planning are deeply integrated between our two companies. This helps us plan ahead, which is key to the successful management of our Africa Origin production.

SanMar is a tightly knit group of well organized individuals throughout the whole organization. They show real leadership, and are committed both to transparent communications with us, and to delivering great quality, right on time. This leadership is contagious, and makes everyone in the supply chain want to try to be the best they can too.

SanMar takes a genuine interest in the wellbeing of the workers in our Africa Origin facilities and thanks to their ongoing business we have been able to employ over 7,000 workers within our facilities, all focused full time on SanMar programs. Together through our joint, stable and continuous efforts we have improved the quality of life for many thousands of families in Madagascar, Tanzania and Haiti.