Introducing Katie Hess, Better Buying’s new Head of Product

Katie’s background is in product management and strategic leadership. Prior to joining Better Buying Institute, she worked with a number of tech startups, shaping innovative products and driving growth strategies. 

“My passion lies in leveraging technology to create meaningful impact,” explains Katie. “ I was drawn to Better BuyingTM because of the organization’s resolute commitment to improving labor conditions and responsible purchasing practices across a range of industries.” 

“While I do not have previous experience within the apparel sector, I bring a product management skill set that is applicable to any industry. I’ll be focusing on bringing Better Buying’s mission to life by translating ideas into action, fostering data-driven decisions, and nurturing a culture of innovation.”

Katie’s immediate priorities in the role will include familiarizing herself with the intricacies of purchasing practices across various industries, engaging with current customers to understand needs, and assessing internal processes. 

“By identifying customer and industry pain points and challenges, I can work closely with the rest of the Better BuyingTM team to determine opportunities for innovation and explore how we can leverage new technologies to optimize product offerings and provide greater value to both suppliers, and to our brand and retailer subscribers.”

“I’m excited to have joined Better BuyingTM at such an exciting time. We are already seeing a significant uptake in terms of the industry’s recognition of our value proposition. I’m keen to build on that success by expanding our reach and ensuring our insights are available to a broader spectrum of industries and sectors, as well as helping our subscribers to be more engaged with their data, actively implementing it and driving consistent improvements in their purchasing practices across the board. 

“Since its inception, Better BuyingTM has blazed a unique and impressive trail, building a more ethical and sustainable business landscape by driving industry-wide improvements in labor conditions and purchasing practices. I am really looking forward to leading the organization towards a future where our products serve as catalysts for positive change, resonating with stakeholders and contributing to a new era of social and environmental responsibility.”

You can contact Katie at