Case studies

CASE STUDY: San Mar Corporation – A Canvas for Good

“Words are one thing, but concrete actions – like partnering with Better BuyingTM – really help demonstrate to our partners that we’re ‘walking the talk.’” We talk to Pat Noonan, Chief Product Officer of Better BuyingTM subscriber SanMar Corporation, on how working with Better BuyingTM is supporting the company to live up to its motto, […]


SanMar Corporation Becomes First Better BuyingTM Subscriber to Make its Scorecard Publicly Available

SanMar Corporation, a leading national supplier of wholesale apparel and accessories, has become the first Better Buying™ subscriber to embrace full transparency and accountability by making its Purchasing Practices Index scores publicly available. WATCH VIDEO The scores are based on anonymous feedback from its suppliers, which are aggregated via Better Buying’s proprietary algorithm, analyzed for […]


Learning to Say No

Lever Style, a leading Hong Kong-based apparel manufacturer, expanded its business during the pandemic, when many other suppliers struggled, or went to the wall. The secret, according to the company’s Chairman, Stanley Szeto, is building resilience into your business by saying “no” to bad apples. You’re worth It If your boyfriend or girlfriend was being […]