VIDEO TOOLKIT: How Better Buying’s tools and resources support companies to meet human rights due diligence reporting requirements

Better BuyingTM has produced a short video-toolkit for companies, demonstrating how our tools and resources can support brands and retailers to carry out due diligence in their supply chains, and comply with some of the mandatory human rights due diligence requirements coming onstream as part of existing and forthcoming legislation.

Our fully integrated set of tools, including supplier surveys, e-Learning on responsible purchasing, and published guidance on human rights due diligence for companies, all underpinned by our Five Principles of Responsible PurchasingTM, provide a clear roadmap for companies committed to reducing human rights risks in their supply chains by improving buyer-supplier partnerships and proactively examining how their purchasing practices are impacting on suppliers and workers.

Find out how Better BuyingTM can support your company to get ahead of the game on mandatory human rights due diligence, and provide you with credible, independent industry-leading data and evidence on purchasing practices, which you can use to report on progress, and impact.